Attention! Top Concerns about IPL Hair Removal Treatment| Beauty-snug

Concerns always follow by the newly developing technology.

Well, technology, as we say, is more like a double-edged sword which brings us the promising side but some times a curse as well. For instance, Facebook, a social media giant which was founded by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, is haunted by the occasional scandals leaking personal privacy; a battery, though making people’s life better, posts threat to the entire ecological environment. So do we still need to develop and push our technology forward?

The answer is positively YES. Rather than saying that the technology brings catastrophe to all of us, it is indeed bringing convenience and innovation in every piece of our life. Our life is in fact getting more convenient while all the credits go to the technology. Beauty-snug IPL hair removal device, as one of the pieces among the stream, stands out in this marketplace as well. While it brings the convenience, several concerns come along.

TOP concerns about the IPL hair removal treatment:

Product: IPL Hair Removal Device
Brand: Beauty-snug

1. Will the treatment incur cancer? 

Such statement is completely groundless and not based on facts AT ALL. IPL are specially designed to pass through skin cells and target only the hair follicles deep within the skin.

It is indeed a fact that there might be a small quantity of radiation emitting when using the IPL to remove the body hairs, that, however, is proved to be harmless and in the meantime no surveys can be able to claim that the laser hair removal treatment is one of the causes incurring skin cancers.

Strictly abiding by FDA recommendation standard, the Beauty-snug hair removal device emits a light wavelength calibrated to 430nm-1200nm, which is perfectly idea for targeting hair follicles at the average depth of our skin. Effective and safe, IPL treatment is born for removing the unwanted hairs and proved to be a perfect method.

2. Does the treatment cause infertility? 

Similarly, there is no study showing that the IPL technology will cause any infertility. Since the light will only penetrates the skin and does not reach or affect any other organs. Laser hair removal is usually safe, even when it targets at sensitive areas such as the groin.

But why the experts aren’t in favor of the treatment for females in pregnancy?

For one thing, scientists have not conducted any human studies to prove the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy yet.

For the other, great hormone changes are detected when a woman is in her pregnancy, which usually causes the unwanted hairs to grow in private areas. Even though this such growth of the hair is kind of a cringeworthy situation, the hairs will vanish naturally without meddling within months. And if they do not vanish and girls still want to get them died out, doctors suggest that they should at least wait several weeks after they deliver the babies and before accepting the hair removal treatment.

3.Is At-home IPL hair removal device as effective as the treatment in beauty salon?

IPL hair removal device set is rather suitable for those who are eager to remove the hairs but tired of visiting the beauty salon for the costly treatment.

Beauty-snug at-home IPL hair removal device shares the same working principle with the one from the beauty salon, both of them target at the hair follicle beneath skins and both can bring the lasting effects. However, Beauty-snug IPL hair removal device completely prevails when it comes to the convenience and portability.

4. Is it a normal phenomenon when redness and stimulation occurs?

Laser hair removal can damage the hair follicles of the targeted hair., and after that, body will react to this and partial users might experience redness and stimulation in the affected area. Users might feel a bit tingle and even slightly swollen.

Symptoms are however usually short-lived. The treated area may look similar to skin that has just been waxed or plucked. Some dermatologists use topical anesthetics to reduce the reaction of a person's skin to the procedure.

After the initial reaction, the irritation will lessen, usually within a few hours after the treatment. Ice packs or cold water baths might serve as perfect materials in response to the side effect of the treatment.

5. In what situation should I visit a doctor after the treatment?

Anyone who gets the untoward reaction should consider visiting a doctor! Even though Beauty-snug hair removal device offers the perfect solution for personal use at home and allows users to control everything themselves, the redness and swelling of the skin which tends to get more serious should be reported to personal doctors or the dermatologist at once so as to get the treatment as fast as possible in preventing the skin from permanent changes.