At Home IPL Hair Removal VS The IPL In Salon, What is the Difference?

Product: IPL Hair Removal Device

Brand: Beauty-snug

Reasons That Beauty-snug Is A Must-have Among At-home Devices

There are sometimes bunch of questions for women who have the problem on the hair removal whether they should visit beauty salon for regular care or choose a trustworthy device for themselves to use at home. Well, opinions vary when different customers have diverse needs. But what is still worth mentioning is that as the beauty industry booms in recent years and myriad of beauty products surge in the marketplace, IPL hair removal device, experiencing the same, prevails when pitting against the ‘traditional’ beauty salon.

Take our at-home beauty-snug C-IPL hair removal device as an example, let’s dive deep into the merits it brings.

To begin with, why it wins the battle?

1. Convenience

Even though our Beauty-snug IPL hair removal device shares the same working principle with the one in beauty salon or even laser hair removal technology, which all target at the hair follicle beneath the skin. While both at-home IPL hair removal brings the lasting effect as well as the beauty salon, our Beauty-snug IPL hair removal device stands out with its compact and portable design, which allows users to use it anywhere!

2. Milder Experience But Lasting Effect!

When it comes to the light intensity of the device, our Beauty-snug IPL Hair Removal Device possesses a more moderate operating feel, so that users are allowed to do it personally at home and use it without worries just like making daily makeup routine. Even though it is a mild C-IPL hair removal device comparing to the monster-scale one in beauty salon, it never pales but brings a lasting effect on hair removing.

3. Much More Competitive Price

We do have a great confidence on the set price of our Beauty-snug Hair Removal Device competing against the other brands existing in the market. Why would we offer such a fairly competitive price to all our customers? Well, first of all, we do self-produce and self-selling. And secondly, we have cooperated with trusted supplier of the materials and received the greatest preferential price in bulk purchase, which, as a feedback, we will feed it back to every customer of ours. Embracing every customer and staying in the same boat with them is always the pursuit of us.

4. Quality Products That Earn Returned Customers

Our Beauty-snug Hair Removal Device is trustworthy with high quality. Why? Because we own bunch of loyal customers who have a great faith on our product and there were a considerable number of them believed the device had brought a outstanding effect after a while of using, and they shared our product to their friends and female relatives. So in that case, we do have a great belief on our product. On the other hand, we own a solid QC department to monitor the whole manufacturing process, devoting to get involved the quality improving process in cooperation with the engineer.

So, how will Beauty-snug IPL Hair Removal Device help remove the hair? What is its actual working principle?

Simply put, our hair contains melanin, and when melanin absorbs specific wavelengths of light it will heat up in a natural way, and the hair follicle cells will be stimulated via the hair as an intermediary, which will force the cell into a status of dormancy while the hair will be contained to grow.

Our Beauty-snug IPL Hair Removal Device is designed to be with five intensity levels in total, while higher level means better and faster effect. Yet we still recommend our customers to start the treatment from the lowest level (Level I or Level II), and consider getting the level higher as long as you get used to it with no more discomfort.

Will it hurt during the use of Beauty-snug IPL Hair Removal Device?

To clarify, our Beauty-snug IPL Hair Removal Device brings NO PAIN at all! In this case, you don’t have to worry to be bothered by the agony of waxing or plucking! And in order to ease your mind, we recommend our customers to follow the instructions we composed in the User Manual, which, we have amended and modified hundred times according to the actual feedback and using experience from our customers!

We recommend that before the treatment of the hair removal, users should shave the hair around target area in advance with the attached razor. If the length of your hair is longer than 3mm, the effect will definitely reduce to insignificance while you might smell a burnt smell if worse cause the hairs contain protein in addition to melanin.. And yeah, I AM NOT KIDDING.

Besides, we do not recommend you to have the waxing before the IPL treatment. First of all, we don’t want to see you suffering from the great pain and, secondly as well as most importantly, once you’ve done waxing before the IPL treatment, the IPL hair removal device will be unable to work perfectly without the melanin within the hair follicle. So, SHAVE BEFORE TREATMENT!

But will the hairs grow thicker if I shave them?

To answer this question, I am 100% positive and confident based on the knowledge I have searched. Well, the hairs surely WON’T be thicker at all no matter how you shave it. Since hair is only the buildup of keratin and is completely lifeless, so shaving it or not does not affect the growth characteristics of the hair root. But shaved skin does feel a little rough and tingly when the hair grows again, which makes you believe that shaving the hair will make it thicker. You feel it thicker because its tip is sharped. So, this statement is totally a nonsense!

But don’t you worry! Our Beauty-snug IPL Hair Removal Device is born to help you solve the problems you might encounter in the hair removing, as the more you use it, the sparser the hairs will grow, and in the final end they will vanish from your skin!

So trust us, as a professional hair removal device, Beauty-snug will always offer the best solution with bunch of advantages.