Several Instructions to Use the IPL Hair Removal Device

As technology gains momentum in recent years, while the pandemic is still sweeping around the world, there is a tendency for various devices to evolve and grow into smaller and more compact. In beauty industry, at-home IPL hair removal devices came out of nowhere and went viral as mounting women attached more importance to the self-beauty care instead of bothering to visit salon weekly or monthly. With matured technology and ergonomic design, the IPL hair removal device is becoming a must-have product for every beauty. Sure enough, millions of women are already using it AT HOME.

There are bunch of conveniences that the at-home hair removal device possesses. Its points for attention, however, are still worth being mentioned here. Let’s dive in deeper in this blog and take one of our IPL hair removal devices for example.

Product: IPL Hair Removal Device

Brand: Beauty-snug


1. Make Your Skin Clean & Dry!

Make sure that your skin area ready-to-be-treated is clean and dry, and do not apply any skin lotion or gel before the treatment. Or it may cause that the cream or residue stuff stacks in pile and brings troubles for the final effect.


2. Avoid Exposing Under Direct Sunlight

To prevent any possibility of skin sensibility and stimulation which might cause several skin issues, please do not expose your skin under direct sunlight before the IPL hair removing treatment and use sunscreen (which we recommend lower than SPF 50 Broadspectrum).

Avoid isotretinoin, skin lightening products, citrus oils or products containing vitamin A, chemical exfoliants such as AHA or BHA, azelaic acid and retinol when using IPL.

Avoid using these chemicals at least 48 hours before starting IPL and 48 hours after IPL treatment, or in the area where IPL will be used.


3. Pre-test Your Skin Tolerance

Assess your own skin tolerance first before the first try of the treatment, and do not apply the highest energy level for the first use(Level IV and Level V). We recommend to start from the lowest energy level and adjust according to the actual skin tolerance.


4. Wear Goggles During IPL Treatment

Even though the light our product emits is harmless, we still suggest our users wear the goggles while using it lest the intense light would bring discomfort for the naked eyes.


5. Suggestions For Mommies In Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Period

To clarify, there is no any survey demonstrating that IPL posts a negative impact on pregnant women nor any survey or studies had showed that it is safe for both pregnant women or the babies. In this case, we highly recommend that users who are in pregnancy period or breastfeeding period use the product after the breastfeeding period.


6. Shave the Hair Around the Target Area Before the Treatment

Shave the hair around the target area and keep the length of hair under 3mm, so that the device will directly act on the hair follicle. If the hairs are too long, it might bring sense of tingle.

However, shaving the hair does not equal plucking or using any other physical removing methods which might extract the entire hair including the original root beneath, while without the hair as an intermediary to introduce the light into the hair follicle, the effect of the device will pale into insignificance.


7. Let the Device Rest After Every Single Round of Treatment For a Brief Moment

The light emitted from our at-home Beauty-snug Hair Removal Device will convert into heat, so the long run of the device might cause the over heat on the light outlet as well as the device itself.